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Financial Engineering Concentration

Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan (CFEM) is a satellite campus of the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) co-located with CornellTech in New York City. Established in 2007 as the home of the third and final semester for the Master of Engineering with Financial Engineering concentration (MFE) degree offered by ORIE (Ithaca), CFEM serves to complement the theoretical education our MFE students receive on the Ithaca campus with practical training led by seasoned professionals in New York City (APPLY HERE). With the assistance of our distinguished Advisory Council and many other finance practitioners, we ensure that all of CFEM's ORIE students spend their third semester at MFE to benefit from its practical curriculum and professional development programs. Students may also apply to participate in an additional fourth semester at CFEM to deepen their knowledge in financial data science. CFEM@FDS is designed to serve the financial industry’s growing demand for talent with large-scale data skills.

Our alumni and other professionals working in finance find CFEM activities rewarding as well. In addition to many networking and mentoring opportunities with our students, we offer a variety of seminars featuring guest speakers from industry and academia. Past examples include lectures held jointly with the Global Association of Risk Professionals, of which CFEM is an academic affiliate, and our monthly Bridge to Cornell seminars that feature talks focused on algorithmic trading and high frequency research.

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